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Why weight loss tips are not working


It’s going to be very calculating. Diet, exercise, calorie counting – all right. The practice has changed a lot. Just do not change weight. At such a time, you will be disappointed about this. But do you know why the weight is not decreasing?

Calculation of too much calorie:

Calculating a lot of calories. Suppose you can eat 1,200 calories by weight and height. But there is not enough amounts of flesh and fiber. There are plenty of mineral deficiencies. Or reduce the weight of your daily caloric intake is reduced by itself! If these two are so horrible together, if you do any one of them separately, then here is the reason why you do not lose weight.

Taking Snacks Frequently:

At least three times a day you have to eat very well. It means food but not a lot of carbohydrate food. The food means fish, meat, vegetables, and a healthy meal. Many people do not want to eat three times a day to do diet. They divide the whole meal and eat it many times. In such a case, the calculation of calories is not correct, as well as lots of wrong foods are eaten. Due to the lack of proper diet, the body becomes weak, the reluctance of the work is made. The reason for not losing your weight is not to eat three times a day.

Eating Foods while watching TV:

Nowadays, many parents and children are running TV while eating the kids. They themselves are watching TV to eat food. But do you know that your weight can increase due to eating unhealthy foods? On one side you see something to watch as you eat a little more, what else is eating, how much is eating, does not look at it.

Eating Wrong Foods:

The type of diet that is recommended to eat during the diet is seen, there is more interest in those foods. If you do not want to eat the favorite food, then gradually the disadvantage of the diet is created. Or eating a lot more than a day, there is a problem of digestion from the discomfort for some days. So that the food you like to eat, not to be dropped once it is reduced gradually, one day will not be too much incompatible with eating. In many cases, the amount of calories they used to take a little bit each day, one day, the calorie intake has increased more than that.

Measuring Weight everyday:

In the process of weight loss somebody measure weight everyday. In that case if you measure the daily weight, then you will see the change, or you will have less interest to lose weight. There are many people with experience of stopping the diet because we do not lose weight. Weight should be measured once or twice a week after 15 days.

Not Sleeping Well:

Many people say, sleep will increase if we sleep. But the researchers said differently. They said, people do not get enough sleep hunger, hormonal problems, which increase interest in food. If you sleep at least seven to eight hours a day, it will not help but increase your weight, but rather reduce it.

Wrong exercise:

There is no substitute for weight loss. The question is, what exercise do you do? In the case of your weight, age, height, physical structure and health, you will do the same as the doctor tells you to do. Rules are to be exercised and to eat plenty of water, sugar-free juices, soup etc..
If you want to lose weight first of all you have to accept basic rules. Weight loss is a simple and fun thing to do. On the other hand, if one hurts in the wrong way on one side, weight loss will increase as well, while your small mistakes may increase weight. So keep abiding by the rules, health will come.

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