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Twins newborn care


Twins or triplets have different types of complications. This kind of childhood mortality is 4 times higher than the newborn. Their birth weight is usually low. Growth rate can also be lower. Apart from this, they can lead to many problems in the pairing of limbs or heart problems. There may also be a mother’s high blood pressure with multiple children, additional bleeding problems in her childbirth.

Using ultrasonography, it is possible to know that there is twins in the womb before birth. So mother can be careful about keeping twins in advance.

Breast feeding:

The idea of a mother or family that twins can not provide breast milk for the two children. It’s wrong. If the mother gets all the support, twins can be able to maintain nutrients in the mother’s milk until 6 months of age.

The methods that can be taken in case of twins:

  • Both of them get sucked together, although they may have to wait until the 1st week to complete, when the full flow of milk is found in the breast of the mother.
  • Breast feeding one after another. However, there may be problems with two hungry at the same time.
  • It is a good idea not to keep both of them in the same baby cot.
  • Gave them suck the breast separately. Otherwise there will be problems in managing both of them.
  • There is generally no difficulty in toilet training. Immediately imitating one, another quickly acquires toilet training.
  • Do not think the twin babies in same way. Raise them with different personalities. For example, arranging birthday gifts or parties separately for each.
  • Controlling the twin children with intelligence, if there have elder children in the house, they will be jealous of twins.
  • Twin babies sometimes lag behind the usual child to achieve linguistics till the age of 3.
  • Conjunction twin are now successfully being done separate with the help of surgery.

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