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The Symptoms that will say You are in Risk of Heart Stock


Many people believe that heart attack is only a men’s disease, which is a misconception. Both men and women live at the risk of this disease. However, the symptoms of heart attack are different in men and women. Signs of a Violent Heart Attack in Women’s Case Even before 1 Month So if these symptoms continue to appear in you, consult the doctor immediately without delay. Because these symptoms tell you that in the next 30 days you are at risk of a heart attack!

1) The most important signs of a heart attack breathing problem. If you have trouble in breathing, if you are feeling strained, consult a doctor immediately. Respiratory and cardiovascular system are interconnected. If the heart gets less blood, then the lungs get less oxygen. The result is breath-taking, heavy breathing, or breathing difficulties.

2) Weak muscle or muscles of the body, feeling weak, difficult to work hard is another symptom of Cardiac arrest or problem. Lowering blood flow in the body means oxygen deficiency in the whole body. As a result, muscles of the body do not work properly and weakness is felt.

3) Weak feeling and cold sweating, sweat without any reason is very important sign in of cardiac problem. If you are sweating without working, do not neglect at all. If you are snoring in sleep, after getting up you feel very weak – take the events very seriously.

4) The fourth symptom is feeling pressure in the chest. Due to coronary artery dilation, chest pressure may be felt or depressed. Do not think of this pain as “gas pain” (which most people think). Get immediate doctor’s advice.

The body is your, so you have take care your body. The body will tell the advancement of any illness and disease. If you can understand these symptoms, you can keep yourself risk free.

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