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Spices for losing weight


Without spices is it possible to cook delicious and pungent food especially Indian recipes. The answer is a big no. It is quite impossible to prepare delicious Indian food without spices. Spices gives India recipes a unique taste. But these spices are also helpful for losing weight. Today I am going to discuss about  some special spices that help you losing weight.

1.First name is Cinnamon. It helps reduce blood sugar. It also helps carbs process healthier. It increase metabolism and consequently you will burn more food and calories. As a result you will stay fit. 

2. Second name is Cayenne Pepper. It contains capsaicin which burns fat. It also greatly increases your metabolism. If you burn more calories, you will certainly lose weight.

3. Mustard Seed is a great metabolism booster. It can boot metabolism 20-25% for several hours after consumption. It will burn more calories subsequently you will lose more calories. So, take mustard seed with your daily meal. You can use it in your curry or you can mashed it.

3. Ginger is also a great spices. In many Indian dishes, we use this very common spice. Basically ginger is root it. It is very helpful for your body. It helps your digestive system runs properly. It has also some elements that work against bad cholesterol. 

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