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Some Ways to Reduce Weight


To keep weight low for all the time, there should be some changes in the life style. The weight will be reduced gradually. Bring a little change in food and physical labor. No need to lose weight for a short time. Try a change every day or every week and try to cope with your life. Remember, the weight will be reduced gradually. Your weight did not rise in one day. So it is not right to expect that your weight will decrease in a day. If your weight goes down slowly, your body can adapt to the new food system.

Reduce weight by 2 to 3 kg in one month is a healthy step.

There are some easy ways to reduce calorie intake, which will help you lose weight-

The ways of reducing weight:

# Calorie and frothy food to eat. Such as salads, vegetables, soup.

# Keep food low in the food table.

#Avoid fast food, soft drinks and fried foods in oil.

# Eat less of the sweet foods during or after meals.

#Eat more vegetables and fruits.

#Eat more fish, eat chicken, cows and khasir meat, less eat habits.

# Eggs cooked eggs without frying or kneading. Eat two egg white parts instead of an egg.

# Take tea without milk, do not prevent tea / coffee.

# Use more water for cooking. Reduce oil spices as much as possible.

# Use non-stick pan to reduce oil in cooking.

# Do not cook with coconut ghee, dalda.

# Drink more water At least 6 to 8 glasses of a day Drink 1 to 2 glasses of water before eating.

# Pour very well before swallowing the food.

# Do not talk about watching television, reading newspapers, or talking to others while eating. There is a possibility of eating more.

# Do not mix fish or meat pieces in salad.

# Make a balanced diet list with high calorie foods and lower calorie foods and follow them.

#Try to stay busy. The demand for food for lazy life increases

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