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Sleep well for keeping sound health and Mind


Our body system is a great machine. It works all day long to do so many activities. This superb machine is also like all other machine. It also need proper rest. Suppose you have car. If you run the car at a stress, it will become hot. For this you need to cool down the engine of that car. Similarly you need to give rest to your body machine. And that rest is sleep.

When we sleep, our body organs and other body systems start their repire works. Everyday in our body different chemical reactions are going on. As a result free radicals produce in our body which makes a week, dull and stressed.

Thanks to God that He has given our own workshops and chemical lab in our body where we can easily repire all the damage. But for that we need to sleep I mean sound sleep. If you sleep 10 hours but walk up every two hour, it will not work for you. Rather you have deep sleep for 6 hours. It is far better than that ten hours.
You may say, “I desire to have sound sleep but can’t.” The solution is; maintain healthy lifestyle, eat healthy balanced food, keep your body hydrate i.e. drink more water. Above all, make good habit for better sleep.

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