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Sleep Apnea Causes Weight Gain Proven by New Japanese Research


Are you gaining weight very fast? Are you getting habituated with fast food and sugary food more and more? If yes, it is probably the reason of sleep apnea or sleeplessness. Because, sleep apnea causes weight gain.

‘Sleep Apnea Causes Weight Gain’ what researcher says:

Yes, Sleep apnea causes weight gain. Before going to detailed discussion we need to know what is Sleep Apnea. Dr. Scheib, specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine, describes that people don’t sleep well for few reasons such as:

  • restless leg syndrome
  • menopausal hot flashes,
  • sleep apnea.

A new research has proven that sleep apnea causes weight gain. It means it tend to increased intake of unhealthy foods, specifically sucrose and fat like burgers, hot dogs, etc. If you are thinking about insomnia and weight lifting or sleep less and weight gain, this article is for you.

REM or Random Eye Movement is a unique phase of sleep that is closely related to dreaming and in this situation haman body remain almost complete paralyzed. The research demonstrates that “the medial cortex region that is used when thinking about oneself — may play a direct role in controlling our desire to consume weight lifting foods, high in sucrose, when people lack sleep,” said lead author Kristopher McEown from the University of Tsukuba in Japan.

‘Sleep Apnea Causes Weight Gain’ Reason Hormonal Imbalance:

Which hormones are behind this weight increase? They are Ghrelin, Leptin and Insulin.

  • Ghrelin

    Ghrelin tells us to eat food. We can call it “go” hormone. That means it tell us go to eat. In the research showed sleeplessness increases the production of Ghrelin. Thus sleep apnea is responsible in weight increase.

  • Leptin

    leptin, on the other hand, is a “stop” hormone. It says us that we can stop eating now.  A sleepless person produce less Leptin in their body. So, the take more sucrose and fat in their food.

  • Insulin

    Another hormone affected by sleep disorders is insulin.  When we don’t sleep, insulin fails to break sugar properly.  Yes, it is sleep deprivation is making us diabetic.

You man ask: Can sleep apnea causes weight gain? The answer will be like this. Through this research we can understand that REM Sleep or sleeplessness or insomnia and weight lifting has a relation.




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