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How Obesity Killing You!!! Save Yourself from Obesity


The word obesity is used to describe the condition of a person who is very overweight having a lot of body fat.

It is a very common problem Around The World specially in UK and USA around 1 out of 4 adults and 1 out of 6 children aged 10 to 11 are facing this problem. Though it is a very common problem but the complexities of this problem are very high. It can lead to a number of problems like diabetes, heart disease, heart stroke, brain stroke and also depression so what should be careful about our over weight.

Risk of obesity

Although this problem is a common problem all around the world, we cannot neglect this problem. Because, gathering weight has many demerits. It can kill you even. The following health problems may occur due to your overweight or obesity. So, let’s see what are the problems an obesed person may face.

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Heart stroke
  • Brain stroke
  • Breast cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression and so many other problems

Some other problems are:

  • Increased sweating
  • Joint and back pain
  • Feeling isolated and less confident
  • Feeling of breathlessness
  • Feeling of tiredness

Among all this problems some serious health conditions are diabetes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, cancer, kidney and liver disease, pregnancy complications, sleeplessness. Obesity decreases your life expectancy due to different kind of complications. In a research it has been seen that around one in every 13 death in Richer countries due to overwrite or obesity.

Cause of obesity:

Now you may ask what is the cause of obesity or overweight? Obesity is generally caused by taking more calories than you burn in everyday life. Whatever calories you burn everyday remaining calorie will turn into fatty. Now it is quite clear that the reason behind obesity or overweight is your extra calories. Obesity is now a very common problem around the world it is because modern people take too much calorie in everyday life. Taking cold drinks, energy drinks, chocolate, sweets all gives you more calories then you need in a day. Besides, many people don’t want to do any manual labor they try to find a job having air conditioned room and comfortable chairs they even don’t want to use stairs. In this way, they gather fats. There are some reasons behind gaining weight.

  • Intake of much calories
  • Unhealthy diet and food habits
  • Lack of physical activities
  • Sleeplessness
  • Frustration

Intake of Much Calories

Obesity is mainly caused by taking too much calories and burning less calories. Research shows that a person needs 2000 to 2500 calories per day. You may think this is much more calories so you can take much food. But in reality if you take a large hamburger and a milkshake or a cold drink it will give you around 1500 calories and that’s in one single meal. So you think how much would you take everyday. From today you should understand how much calories you are taking in. And, how much calorie you are burning out. Another vital reason is modern people are getting much lazier. They don’t want to do much activities. All the time there using cars, buses, lifts etc. to make their lives more comfortable. Soul is active life is also responsible for your obesity.

Unhealthy diet

Unhealthy and imbalanced diet is also responsible for your overweight. I want to mention one thing that overweight or obesity does not grow in one day rather it takes long time for your body to be obese. So in this title I can mention few names that can be included under this point.

Lack of physical activities:

We’ve already cited that lack of physical activities is one of the main reasons of obesity. In day to day life we can do daily activities by manual lobor such as walking to market, riding bicycle, swimming, using staircase and avoiding lift etc.


A sound sleep is very important for a human being. Almost all animals sleep to repire the damage and to their biological needs. A sound sleep can give a man a healthy body and a sound mind. Sleeplessness dicreases metabolism and eventually you will burning less calories. Extra calories will turn into fat. Read more about 

How to lose Obesity:

Here in this post we are giving you some evidence based tips and suggestions to Lose your weight quickly and naturally by eating a healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Diet to lose obesity

To lose weight naturally without any surgery diet plan is very important. There is no single rule rule that can help to reduce your overweight. For a normal man 1900 calories is required for a day on the other hand for a woman it is around 1400 calories. That means if someone want to reduce weight moderately and safely, he or she need to reduce energy intake by 600 calories a day. For this reason you need to avoid all source of cold soft drinks and also processed food like burger and all other fatty foods.

What should a healthy and balanced diet have?

Healthy and balanced diet should have the following characteristics

  • A lot a lot of Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Carbohydrate like bread, rice potato, pasta noodles
  • Dairy product like milk, card, cheese, yoghurt
  • Little amount me├át, fish, eggs, beans
  • Very little amount fat oil and sugar

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Condition of Obesity in the United States of America

Obesity is a very common health complications in the United States of America. From 1986 to 2000, obesity has been increased very rapidly both for children and adults. In many research it has been seen that around nine million children over  six years old are obsese. In recent studies, the condition of obesity has been slowing down due to the increase of consciousness. I am sharing a chart with you about the picture of obesity in many richer country.

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