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Natural cure for sexual dysfunction


Natural remedies for menstrual problems

In the present age, a problem among most of the men (male) is becoming increasingly common, that is the sexual problem. As the day progresses, impotence in men increases. As the age progresses, male sexual desire is gradually decreasing. So you become aware before your sexual needs decreases. Find out why these demands from you are gradually decaying.

Home Remedy:

Men have come forward to solve this problem. Home Remedy may be effective in those who have experienced this problem recently. In some cases, home remedies can be treated, but home remedies are not applicable at all for all cases.

Now let’s take a look at what sexual aids can be useful in everyday life to help in the first step of sexual impotence or the benefits of using it.


In the case of sexual impotence, garlic gives very good results. Garlic is called ‘poor’s penicillin’ . Because it acts as an antiseptic and immune booster, and it is very available vegetables which we almost always accept as a food. Its use in the field of Recall sexual desire is very effective. Disease or accident helps you to get it back when your sexual desire decreases. Besides, if a person has sexual desire or excessive Nymphomania, which may cause excessive nervous system damage to the nervous system and Garlic is very effective.

Terms of Use

Every day, two to three garlic cloves. If your sexual desire decreases, it will increase. Apart from eating garlic with bread made from wheat, it increases the amount of sperm production in your body and helps in the formation of healthy sperm.


Onion has been used for a long time as a sexual excitement and sexual enhancement.

Ways to use:

Take out white onions and grind them in butter and they can be used every day to help with honey. But remember one thing, keep your stomach empty for a couple of hours before eating it. Thus, it is possible to solve the problems of splitting, spermatorrhea in every day, falling asleep or sleeping.

Also, onion juice with black husks, dry the boolean pulse for 7 days and dry it. Regular use of it will keep your sexual excitement and will maintain the strength of physical intercourse.


You can reduce your physical disability by mixing 150 grams of carrot husk with one table spoon honey and half-boiled eggs (half-boiled egg).


We all know, if you want to stay away from the doctor, then take one apple every day. But if you want to stay away from sexual infertility, then every day you eat banana. Because this is the result of enzymes called Bromelain, which will remove sexual infertility and increase sexual energy. Art is an excellent source of Vitamin B., which increases the physical strength (Stamina).

So do not worry anymore. In the first step of the problem, follow this method (home) in your home. Maybe it can be solved in the initial step.

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