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Manage diabetes in simple way | Diabetic patients should do


On November 14, the birthday of Insulin inventor Frederick Bantinge World Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Health Organization (WHO) announced on November 14, 1991 as “World Diabetes Day”, to increase the awareness of diabetes among people around the world. In front of this day, various health awareness raids – gatherings, discussions, seminars and various news reports in the newspapers – including the whole world, are published in Bangladesh.

The key to all these things is to prevent diabetes and it will make rules for eating, and physical exercise and exercise. Currently 25 million people in the world and about 60 lakh people in Bangladesh are suffering from diabetes. According to experts, if the disease is not prevented at this moment, by the year 2030, the number of diabetic patients in the country will be almost double.
Diabetes is a disease that helps in causing complex diseases in the body like blindness, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer. Diabetes is never curable, but it can be controlled to live a healthy and normal life.

Therefore, we should be careful not to have this disease, and if you have diabetes then you must follow the advice of a specialist doctor.
The International Diabetes Federation said in a report to control diabetes easily, 30-minute exercises per day (faster walking – 120 minutes, swimming, cycling, running) or walking 30-60 minutes – diabetes risk reduces 35-40 percent.
Have regular exercise, keep diabetes under control.

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