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If not sleep? How can this problem be overcome? Insomnia


There has been a lot of change in corporate life in the past decade. One of the two changes is depression and insomnia. Many people suffer from problems of not sleeping at night. Which affects the workplace
Do not really sleep?

What to Do If You Can not Sleep:

The doctors say that for sleeping, special foods should be eaten, such as green vegetables, nuts, foods-prevent-insomniabeans, fish, almonds, vegetables, which are rich in Vitamin B complex, magnesium. Vitamin B6, and Magnesium. At least 5 food items are offered which will help sleep.

Five food that prevents insomnia

1. First you can eat almond or nut. Because it contains plenty of magnesium and minerals, which help to get good sleep.
2. Secondly, you can eat a banana before bedtime. Magnesium in the collar helps keep the muscles active on the night of potassium, which will help you to sleep.
3. Thirdly, you can eat honey before bedtime. Because the sweetness in the glucose body helps to reduce the amount of ozone infections. Thereby, sleeping at night is good.
4. Oatmeal can be eaten before the fourth night at night. Calories, magnesium, phosphorus, and silicone wholesome oats will come soon to sleep.
5. Fifth and last, many old and functional rules, before the shower, one glass of warm milk, which relaxes the muscles of the skin and causes sleep to sleep very quickly.

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