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How much weight I lost by drinking water


When I was worried with my extra weight, I looked for tips in different websites. I found that drinking more water has a great benefit. They gave tips for weight lose this way “drink more water”.  I think most of us have heard this advice several time even thousands time. Then I started to look for any evidence behind this idea. But I found almost zero research has been conducted to find out whether this crazy-simple trick actually works…until now.

This year a group of researcher conducted a project work on this topic. They asked some obsessed adults to start eating a less calorie diet and another group were suggested the same food with extra 2 grass water 30 minutes before the meals.

Three months later it is seen, the preloaders lost nearly three pounds more weights than the other group. Probably that’s why people think they should drink water before the meals.

You might have understood the trick. In this process water made them feel full, which inspired them to eat less.

I liked the idea of make my body full. I will eat what I like most. But, this habit will help me to eat less!!! Isn’t it great?

Keep trying. It’s really wonderful idea. Make it a habit. Besides, taking water has so many other benefits as well. If you want to lose weight quickly and naturally, you should keep your body hydrate and some of this good habits of Health and weight lose tips.

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