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High blood pressure in pregnancy?


In pregnancy time, high blood pressure could be fatal for upcoming mother and her baby. So in the time of pregnancy, it is important to check blood pressure regularly. If high blood pressure is found, don’t neglected it.

If the blood pressure increases within the first 5 months of your pregnancy, it is generally counted as you had blood pressure more or less. Those who have blood pressure already there should talk to the doctor before taking decision to be mother. There are some medicine which cannot be taken at the time of pregnancy. So you can change the medicine earlier if you need with the help of your doctor. In the meantime you have to ensure whether your blood pressure is fully in control and is there any difficulty with this blood pressure or not.

In pregnancy time normally after 5 months blood pressure may go high. We call it pregnancy high blood pressure. Normally, this type of blood pressure will be normal within the first 3 months after your delivery. But we need to be careful about this pregnancy blood pressure. Regularly, check your blood pressure otherwise you may face different difficulties in this time. Swollen feet, water coming in the body, headache, eyesight becoming obscure, heart failure, hemorrhage are common in pregnancy time. Those who have diabetes, kidney disease they may face more difficulties.

Besides, obesity, history of high blood pressure of the family in the pregnancy time or if you want to be mother before 20 years or after 40 years, for you the risk of blood pressure is very high.

What you will do to control high blood pressure in pregnancy time.

  • Check your blood pressure regularly in the pregnancy. If your blood pressure is  very high, take medicine according to the instruction of your doctor.
  • Don’t take extra salt with your food. Don’t take even food with more salt. For example, even salad or fruit, Pickles, sauce which are prepared with high volume salt, should be avoided.
  • Avoid the food that are highly fatty and oily. But eat much fresh fruits and vegetables. Have milk, egg and fish everyday.
  • Take regular medicine according to the doctor.
  • Smoking or alcohol is totally forbidden.
  • Take the food that are high in calcium. The food like milk, cheese, fish, sea fish Bean, carrot are high in calcium. So you can take these foods.

In pregnancy time you should be careful about your health. So, check and double check your blood pressure and keep it under control. Otherwise, different difficulties may arise.


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