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Healthy Foods can Reduce weight


How will you reduce obesity? By eating? Or by starving? or by taking pills? I want to say eat more, lose weight. Are you surprised? Yes you may be surprised. It is because I opposed the traditional believe. But it is proven that you can lose fat after taking regular food if you know you need to take. And you can bring a big change in your food habit if you know how to change that. In our old tradition we believe that if if we want to lose weight, we need to starve. But it is not completely right.

It is a matter of sorrow that the traditional believe regarding weight loss doesn’t work that much. And, in many case it is seen the condition at the obase person worsened. Suppose you dieting and you got some good result. But it has been seen that after one year, you begin to gain weight again. In most cases within 5 years most of the people started to gain weight again. Only 3% people can hold their condition. If you lose weight once and again started to gain weight, it is much more harmful than the previous state.

Those who are dieting in most cases they all the time are thinking that they are losing the most delicious foods and they are deprived of this delicious food items. This thought made them obsessed. As a result, they lose interest on their dieting and begin to take food again and this time much more. Again they start gaining weight. But If they take regularly and scientifically there is no way to be failure in losing weight.

Very low calorie food most of the time shows side Effects like hair fall, headache, feeling weak. These side effect will not stay for long. But if you reduce calorie significantly you may face stone in gallbladder or disease related to gallbladder. Similarly those who are taking weight loss pills are not satisfied that much. It has been seen it has been seen that the side effect of these pills falls on body and mind.

If cutting fat is too difficult. Then why do people to cut fat question mark they know that if they can cut their body fat, they will feel more confident and handsome and they also know that too much fat is very much harmful so human being. In one research on 150000 women, it has been seen that those women gained 5% weight among them 30% attacked with cardiac problem. And those who gained 30% weights there possibility of heart disease increased by 300%.

If you can reduce weight for a little extent it will be greatly helpful for your health. Even if you can reduce 10 to 15 pound from your body it will make you more handsome and confident. Nobody wants obesity full stop. Obesity means getting overweight. And overweight means getting different health complications. In a survey it has been seen that if a person aged between 30 to 42 gain half kg weights, his or her death risk interest by 1% on the other hand if the person aged between 50-62 his or her death is increased by 2%. Besides there are many disease like to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac disease, cancer, stone in gallbladder can be damage his her life.

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