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Grapefruit or Malta? Which one will you choose?


Grapefruit and Malta both are sour fruit, but which one is better to eat according to food value – this type of question is heard every now and then. Basically the two fruits with citric acid work almost same. But there is a little difference between these two fruits. As, a result these two fruits works in two different ways. The works of the two almost same category fruits are described by the nutritionist and head of the department of BARDEM Hospital, Shamsunnahar Nahid.


Grapefruit is mainly a low calorie fruit. To increase the taste of food it is very effective. Grapefruit has more water than Malta, so it is very helpful for skin. At the same time, it is helpful for those who are facing problems with their stomach. Even grapefruit without salt is good for high blood pressure patients. But those who are suffering from kidney disease or those who have more croyotinin, for them it is better to avoid this fruit.


Although malta  contains citric acid, it is sweeter than grapefruit. So, those who have diabetic, should avoid malta. This fruit is also good for skin and high blood pressure patients have no restriction to take this fruit. However, if someone suffer from kidney disease, he should avoid malta  too.

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