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Four Foods for Women’s Health


It is important to have the right diet for good health. And women need to eat some food specially to keep the body healthy. Here some of the foods needed for women’s body are mentioned:

1. Tomatoes

The tomatoes include lycopen antioxidants. It protects DNA from damages. It helps to prevent breast cancer, endometrium, lung, stomach and renal cancer.

2. Green Tea:

Green has polyphenols in it. It is a type of anti-cancer component. Drink a cup of green tea every day to help in the inflammation of the body. It is important for the woman body.

3. Capsicum

Vitamin C contains capsicum. It is good for the skin; It also helps prevent disease. So keep the capsicum in the diet.

4. Yellow

Among the haluds, the carcumin contains These include polyphenols called antioxidants. It works to prevent inflammation. It is called a wonderful food for women’s health. So put yellow in the diet.

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