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Asparagus: How asparagus is good for you?

Botanical Name : Asparagus racemosus
English Name : Indian asparagus
Hindi Name : Shatamuli

Asparagus is a common herb and Ayurvedic medicinal plant. There are several types of asparagus. Asparagus Recemosus and asparagus sermentosus are very comon.

This plant grow well in Indian sub continent like india, Srilanka, Thailand, and southern part of China. Mainly topical monsoon climate. Asparagus Recemosus comes from Liliaceae plant family. This is a garden plant. 

This plant has many roots or hundreds of roots. In Hindi it is called shatomuli. Shato means hundreds and muli means roots. So, it’s body structure gives this name.


Asparagus is a good tonic for general health. It removes stomach problem especially curing acidity problems of the stomach. It will increase your immunity. It has been using as Ayurvedic medicine since very ancient type.

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