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6 mistakes that are increasing your weight rather than reducing!


Now there is a time when everybody started to become aware of their own health. Teenagers – Beginning from young people, even older people are following various diet plans to keep their weight under control. However, in many cases it is seen that, for some small mistakes, these diet plans increase weight rather than weight loss. Talk about these mistakes today.

You are not eating the necessary food

It is just right that the weight loss is called to lower calorie intake at the beginning. But what we do most people is that we reduce the level of calorie intensively. But do not forget that we need enough nutrients to run our own body processes. If we suddenly reduce the amount of food all the time, our metabolism process will also reduce our natural processes along with our body processes. The result is weight gain as usual. This will reduce the calorie intake gradually and reduce it gradually.

Your carbohydrate white color

Carbohydrate is an important component of our body. There should definitely be some carbohydrate with vegetables and protein on the ideal food plate. But the mistake we make is that we use rice, flour and flour, all of which is white color which takes longer than digestion. According to nutritionists, instead of using Brown Rice or Brown Bread should be increased.

Not taking Dairy food

Many of us do not eat milk food for fear of fat. According to nutritionists, calcium deficiency reduces the metabolism rates of girls. As a result, weight increases. Therefore, without milking at all, skimmed milk or non-milk milk and sour milk will be eaten.

Skipping Foods for one time

Many people have to stop eating one barrel meal, especially breakfast, which should not be done at all. Because breakfast is the most important food for us and since then it takes body energy for the day to day work. Therefore, breakfast should be done in different nutrition full. Many people stop dinner again, which is not right. Do not stop the dinner completely and eat the dinner at 8 o’clock.

Not keeping counting of your food

When following a specific diet plan, it is very important to keep the amount of food according to the diet plan. In conventional diet plans, the quantity of food is calculated in cups, spoons or villages. But most of the time, we determine the measurements of the eyes, which are often wrong. And, of course, the results of the diet are not optimistic.

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